Zero Emission Micro-Transit services for Disadvantages Communities, airports, resorts, campuses and more.

The real electric, shared, autonomous, clean, blockchain based community-driven, zero-emissions, energy and transportation system for smart cities.

EVShare’s team has more than a decade of experience developing vehicles – now they’ll go to the blockchain.

Our Partners

EVShare is a consortium of leaders in Blockchain Technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Distributed Energy Resources (DERS), High Energy Density Batteries and Energy Management.

EVShare exists to create the world’s most efficient “plug and play” transportation system, designed to move people, goods and power, all backed by the RSK Blockchain.

Bravo Motor Company: Autonomous Electric Vehicle Manufacturer. Designs EVShare vehicles and integrates all other partner technology.


Community Electricity: Positive Energy Communities. Integrates distributed energy resources into the EVShare ecosystem.

California Lithium Battery: Designed a new battery technology that is twice the capacity at half the cost of other batteries.
Space AI: Open source communications and shared processing capacity technology
RSK Labs: First open-source smart contract platform over Bitcoin security. Provides EVS token technology.

Alliances & Supporters

The evolution of the vehicles driving EVShare

For the last decade Bravo Motor Company, one of the leading partners of EVShare, has been designing the future of transportation.

Award winning designs made real and the next steps on its journey.

A sustainably-powered, community-owned regional transit networks that are affordable to all, one region at a time, worldwide, and designed to function in tandem with public infrastructure.

EVShare is starting a energy revolution which will save lives and time, with vehicles and power storage devices shared with the community, within a decentralized, shared economy built on the Rootstock (RSK) Blockchain.


because we need to dramatically curtail CO2–a chief contributor to climate change


because shared and connected vehicles are the very lifeblood of any Smart City


“smart transportation systems” functioning in interconnected constellations through antennas and satellites


drastically reducing traffic deaths, 1.4 million each year globally, which are caused by human error 90% of the time

EVShare Token Ecosystem

RSK Blockchain

RSK Blockchain technology is the basis of EVShare’s Decentralized platform. The vehicles, passengers, goods and energy players interact in the community forming an efficient ecosystem.


In EVShare’s platform, every transaction — booking and paying for a ride, or buying and selling energy — will be automatically handled by smart contracts and stored in the Blockchain, where it can be audited by anyone.


EVS Tokens

EVS “virtual cryptographic tokens” are at the core of every interaction. Energy, rides and services will be negotiated and paid for in EVS.

 EVShare’s Future Worldwide Transportation Network

Inexpensive ride sharing for commuters, clean, affordable energy.

Communities owning their Community Assets, managing energy and

transportation on their own benefit.

Plug and Play COMMUNITY System

EVShare requires ZERO fixed charging stations.

EVShare mobile charging stations charge from the local community energy grid and autonomously meet up with EVShare ride-sharing  vehicles to “smart recharge” them.

These stations also act as energy storage systems to serve the grid, rather storing

unused renewable energy or delivering it back when energy is highly demanded.

EVShare Platform


The EVShare platform integrates participants – vehicles, charging stations, energy producers, riders and the community – via a secure blockchain – based system comprised of series of Dapps (web3 Distributed Apps) and a public API, which allows EVShare and third party developers to produce apps or full custom enterprise solutions on top of EVShare’s platform.

EVShare Foundation is a nonprofit spinoff created by the founders of Bravo Motor company

Bravo Motor Company has been designing vehicles for 9 years – including three vehicles engineered specifically for rigours of multi-passenger ride-sharing.

Through the last 10 years Bravo raised $9+ million from 750+ investors, at 20+ countries

Premio Innovar Ministerio de Ciencias de la Nación
Finalist of Spark Awards in Transportation
Department of Commerce by the SelectUSA program
Supported by California Governor’s Office for Business and Economic Development
Incubated by the University of California Merced Venture Lab
First pilot program: California
EVSare community System Pilot Program

In Los Angeles Metro & Central Valley / San Francisco Bay Areas.

More than 500,000 people make this “mega commute” every day, spending, an average, more than $1,000 dollars per month and wasting between three to four hours every day in gridlock traffic.
Infrastructure already in place



Technology Roadmap


GLOBAL Structure

EVShare SPF Curaçao foundation will grant funding for development of EVShare community infrastructure initially to:



Miguel Angel R. Bravo

Chairman of Bravo Motor Company and Protector of EVShare Foundation

Professor, Architect, Researcher, Inventor. Founder and Chairman of Bravo Motor Company and ArqBravo Group (California), formed by more than 750 investors and entrepreneurs from 20 countries. More than 35 years of experience in the areas of design and management of innovation in diverse industries such as communication, TV / Shows, entertainment, metalworking, plastic and automotive. Invest Price, Argentina, 1999. Innovar National Price, 2009/2010. Declared as one of 100 greatest achievements of the History of Argentine Industry for competition vehicle Nach One, 2012.

Developed from scratch, since 2008, many vehicle platforms: electric, sport, recreational, city car, taxi, etc; including rst pre-serial of 4 electric vehicles of Latin America (Tecnopolis). TedX Speaker La Falda, Córdoba, 2012 and Rosario, Santa Fe, 2014. Vehicles exhibited at Buenos Aires International Auto Show, 2007, 2011, 2013. Exhibitor at Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition EVS26, Los Angeles, California, 2012. Company selected by the Department of Commerce in Washington DC through Select USA program, 2012. Company supported by Governor’s O ce of Business and Economic Development (GO- Biz), 2012. Finalist of Hyperloop Project crowdsourcing challenge (Elon Musk), 2013. Finalist on Spark Awards on Transport category, 2013. Project incubated by the Venture Lab of University of California Merced, 2015. Semi nalist on Global Automotive and Mobility Innovation Challenge (Gamic) in Detroit, representing Sillicon Valley, 2018. LinkedIn

Eduardo Javier Muñoz

CEO, EVShare

Eduardo was born in Argentina, lived 10 years in Brazil and has worked on projects in the United States since 2012. He is currently the CEO of ArqBravo Group and EVShare.

Over the past 23 years, Eduardo has worked with International business in the areas of integration of complex value chains, product development, import export, supply chain operations and business consulting.


Nth Work

Technology Leadership

Nth combines great design, cutting edge technology and product excellence to bring you to the Nth level. Website 

The head of Nth, Filipe Moura, is a creative, innovative technologist, with nearly twenty years experience – from Telefonica’s R&D department, through Financial solutions in London to founding Brazil’s first crowdfunded company and managing technology for one of the world’s leading activist organisations. He is experienced in the full cycle of product development – from technical leadership, to strategy and launch of innovative products. LinkedIn

Phillip Roberts

Energy Storage Counsellor

Phillip is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of California Lithium Battery Inc. He has co-founded three other small businesses over the past 20 years, including Ionex Energy Storage Systems, Inc., Extengine, and Olson-Ecologic Engine Testing Laboratories. Phil has over 25 years successful management experience in major corporations and as a cleantech product inventor. Website

Leonardo Andrés Saladino

CFO at Arqbravo Group and Administrative Manager at EVShare

Leonardo has more than 25 years of experience in finance and administration, having worked in multiple projects across Latin America and the United States. He is currently the CFO of ArqBravo Group and CAO of EVShare.

For the last four years Leonardo has been managing the partners investment fund in Arqbravo Group, as well as heading its managerial and accounting departments.


Board Committee

Miguel Angel R. Bravo

Chairman ArqBravo Group & Protector of EVShare Foundation LinkedIn

Eduardo Javier Muñoz

CEO, EVShare Foundation LinkedIn

Facundo Martín Dias

CEO & Co-Founder VRtify, Inc. LinkedIn

Diego Favarolo

Chairman & CEO, Space AI Inc. LinkedIn

Philip Roberts

CEO, California Lithium Battery Website


Adolfo Nemirovsky

Co-Founder and CEO of LatIPnet, San Francisco LinkedIn

Mark Minevich

Principal Founder of Going Global Ventures (GGV), New York LinkedIn

Rayan Goutay

Compliance Layer, London LinkedIn

Anuj Khanna

Peak State, London LinkedIn

Arnaud Saint-Paul

Conscious Technologis LinkedIn

Ashish Gianani

Investment Manager, Gibraltar LinkedIn

David Yao

Blockchain & DLTs Consultant, China and Mexico LinkedIn

Stefan Hackländer

Global Expert in Smart Cities & Blockchain LinkedIn

Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar

CEO, RSK Rootstock Smart Contracts LinkedIn


Gaston Gamba

“Evshare is a project with immense impact and potential. I’ve been a partner of Miguel Angelo Bravo for almost 10 years. I know Miguel, I know the team that works with Miguel, and they’re people that, no doubt, show responsibility, compromise, honesty and transparency – which I believe are very important values. Another reason that I believe EVShare will be super successful is because it’s a team that demonstrates passion, will, and never gives up.”

Sowe Momoh

“The two things I want to tell about this group are about the transparency and the ways decisions are taken. I trust Miguel and the rest of the team to take the best actions because I know they have the interest of all the 650 investors. I’m con dent that you guys are doing ok and I trust you.”

Diego Gettig

“With EVShare, I can participate in one of the most important sustainable mobility projects in the entire planet…I am convinced that cars in the future will be electric, autonomous, and shared. I invite you to be part of this important project.”

Alejandra Chabrier

“It is an honor for me to belong to a team with the vision, values, capacity and talent that this EVShare group has. I fully trust them. I know there is a new way of creating sustainable mobility. I invite you to be part of this change.”

Augusto Erbin

“Trust is the word that comes to my mind when I think about the team that leads EVShare. I am convinced of what we can achieve: A chance to save our lives and the lives of our children. I hope many of you can join us in this important project.”

Federico Almasia

“With EVShare, I see a talented management team led by Miguel Angel Bravo and Eduardo Muñoz. I strongly believe that this project has great potential…We welcome your participation.”

Matias Wainer

“Together with my family, we are among the 650 members who are part of this management group. We fully trust Miguel Angel Bravo and his entire team. This project will contribute so much to the world in terms of technology and sustainability.”

Sergio Teper

“I believe the EVShare project will have a tremendous impact on the world due to the way in which it addresses issues that have great in uence on our lives. This project is very impressive and I am happy to be part of it.”