EVShare and Green Commuter Partner to Build 100% Renewable-Powered Zero-Carbon Ridesharing Service — Moves Both Passengers and Clean Energy, Utilizing Blockchain

Partnership announced today at LA CoMotion #LACOMO18 transportation conference will create zero-carbon, renewable energy-powered ride sharing service — transports passengers as it collects and stores power, to balance energy grid power load. Using Blockchain and “smart contracts,” EVShare app generates “carbon credits” as energy is saved and CO2 is reduced in transit — rewarding passengers for making the sustainable choice.


EVShare Carbon Reduction Infographic

How EVShare Reduces CO2 and Generates Carbon Credits

Today, EVShare Foundation and Green Commuter of Los Angeles, California will be demonstrating the world’s first truly zero-carbon, clean-energy powered ride sharing service — so clean it generates “carbon credits” as you ride — a reward for making the most sustainable transportation choice.

The carbon credits, which are verified via “Smart Contracts” and RSK Labs‘ “Rootstock” Blockchain technology, can be used as a form of “currency” in the system, exchanged for future rides, or donated to the local community. The credits are similar to frequent flyer miles — with the important difference that they are actual carbon credits.

The emissions savings will be demonstrated, live, with node connectivity tests, at the LA CoMotion transportation conference #LACOMO18 in Los Angeles in Dome 1, Booth 5 and 6, today through Saturday.

Today, EVShare also announced a strategic partnership with the established all-EV ridesharing and vanpooling service, Green Commuter, which has successfully been using its ridesharing app in in Los Angeles and Chattanooga, TN for over two years.

“Making rides even cleaner than carbon-neutral is one more step toward our mission of improving people’s lives by creating a sustainably-powered mass transportation service that is convenient, comfortable and easy to use,” said EVShare CEO Eduardo J. Muñoz.

“But unlike other ride sharing services that promise renewable powered ride sharing, EVShare is not just buying clean energy from suppliers. The EVShare fleet collects and transports clean power from local microgrids — and thus balances the power load,” he continued.

‘We are not just buying carbon credits, either,” said Mr. Muñoz. “The EVShare app literally creates them as you save energy and reduce CO2 emissions during your ride.”

“We have been demonstrating that EV vehicle fleet management can be optimized for energy efficiency with our app, but, until now, we have not been able to find a cheap and effective way to manage, store and collect enough clean electricity to power an EV fleet,” says Green Commuter CEO, Gustavo Ochiuzzo.

“Solar and wind power are booming in California, but there are times when the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow. EVShare’s technology smooths out those bumps by collecting energy with vehicles in transit — and storing electricity in the batteries,” Ochiuzzo explains.

“While this happens, the power is also transported throughout the community, and stored during off hours, helping to balance the grid load 24 hours a day, and throughout a community. This solves a critical challenge for communities making the transition to renewable and solar power.”

“Unlike other ridesharing services that promise renewable powered ride sharing, EVShare is not just buying clean energy from suppliers. The EVShare fleet collects and transports clean power from local microgrids — and thus balances the power load,” said EVShare CEO Eduardo Javier Muñoz.

EVShare’s smartphone app creates improved energy efficiency by utilizing the RSK Lab’s Blockchain and smart contracts to connect energy systems, the ride sharing app and vehicle data. The app enables every electron of renewable energy to be shared, tracked and monetized (in the form of carbon credits, rides or peak energy usage) from the moment power is generated by the sun — to the moment it is stored in the vehicle’s battery, transported during the ride, or used by the vehicle.

Live demo today in Los Angeles at LA CoMotion

To test and demonstrate the service, live, EVShare will drive press and VIPs around congested downtown Los Angeles in an all-electric vehicle fleet of Tesla and Nissan Leaf mini vans powered with locally-generated solar energy from surrounding LA microgrids.

The clean power will be connected, via smart contracts, to LA Department of Power and Water, and stored in Sonnen batteries at local homes and EV charging stations. The Energy Coalition adds DERs — distributed energy resources — to the ride sharing app’s functionality, all unified with Blockchain technology.

EVShare will also be showing, on video screens in their booth, where the vehicles are in transit, how they obtain, store and use clean energy–and how simply using the distributed app and service creates “carbon credits” and lowers pollution in real time.

Carbon credits will be generated and verified as energy is simultaneously collected and transported from various microgrids via the car batteries into Sonnen batteries at charging stations and in local homes. The cars both store energy and balance the grid load.

A carbon credit (often called carbon offset) is a credit rewarding greenhouse emissions reductions or removed from the atmosphere from an emission reduction project. These virtual currency credits accrue in the EVShare app automatically based on a rider’s or driver’s investments in renewable energy or conservation of resources. The money collected from selling these bonds can be used to buy energy assets, energy usage, rides, exchanged for services or donated to charitable organizations.

The energy sharing ride-sharing system, according to Green Commuter, has a potential emissions reduction of 43 MTCO2 per vehicle per year.

About EVShare:

With offices in Los Angeles, California, EVShare Foundation makes it easy for people, goods and power to “go” green. By making ride sharing dramatically cleaner, more energy efficient and enjoyable, EVShare enables commuters to regain time, communities to reach jobs more easily and us all to have a healthier future. EVShare combines the best partners in autonomous vehicle manufacturing, ridesharing, energy storage, energy management, and data management on Blockchain to create a unified solution to make the dream of clean, sustainable transit possible.

For more information and a technical white paper, visit EVShare’s website at https://evshare.com/ or follow EVShare on Twitter or Instagram at @EVShareMobility.

About Green Commuter:

With offices in Los Angeles, Fresno, California and Chattanooga, Tennessee, Green Commuter is an all electric vanpool provider that combines vanpooling, car sharing and fleet replacement, making a greater environmental impact by maximizing the use of a zero-emission fleet. More at: https://greencommuter.org/.